About the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care


The Department of Anesthesiology in the Faculty of Medicine at King Abdulaziz University is a relatively modern department where it was separated from the Department of Surgery in 1411 AH. Although close to that date, the department is considered one of the largest anesthesia departments in the Kingdom in terms of the number of Saudi faculty members working in it and In many scientific forums at the local level to contribute to the activities of the university hospital and the Faculty of Medicine and the University or outside the scope of the University on the level of clinical performance, and as in this specialty contribute members of the Department to provide medical care for all patients before, The specialists in this field also provide treatment services and supervision of the departments of intensive care, treatment of acute and chronic pain, as well as contribute to the treatment of critical births as part of the work of the integrated medical team. At the other levels, the department contributes effectively to the development of the educational process in the Faculty of Medicine, both at the level of the curriculum and methods of assessment of education for students of the Faculty of Medicine through direct participation in the activities of the Faculty of Medicine and the Committee of Medical Education in the college or in committees emanating from the Curriculum Development Committee Developing the educational climate in the Faculty of Medicine or through the training committees for postgraduate students. At the professional and local level, the members of the department participate in lectures and workshops at the local and regional levels in order to raise the general performance in the field of anesthesia, intensive care and pain treatment for workers in this field, both inside and outside the Kingdom.