About the Department of Community-medicine

The community medicine as a discipline of medical specialties of the utmost importance in a valuable health of any country where he began studying phenomena of health and disease at the level of a particular community or country and interested in the causes of these phenomena and Accessories, and then develop recommendations and implementation steps for the prevention and treatment of the risk of these phenomena, and if Medicine general sense among people interested in human beings at the time of disease Aftb community interested in human beings for the disease before, during and after the event occurs during a program of preventive, curative and rehabilitative to prevent this disease and control in reducing the spread and then take into account the interest Bamadaafath future. It is well known not necessarily great benefit and service provided by the physician community to the nation and for the people where not only its services on a limited number of people equal to twenty or twenty-five per day, but provide services to thousands and millions in his country, his community and through epidemiological studies and health prevail Bnfha society. It includes community medicine at sub-specialties are many contributing to the total in the dissemination of public health and increase all members of society in all strata and their forms, it is that maternal and child care, elder care and care of adolescents and youth as well as occupational health, which means health workers in various professions factory workers, and others. And sections important in medicine community health education, which means the deployment of health knowledge and helps to build trends and attitudes of health change behaviors harmful to health and stimulate the behaviors and practices of good health and thus cause tremendous profit on the health of the community, which now measured over the healthy development of any society the level of awareness of existing health to its members. And specialties in medicine as well as community health and the environment, which means to study various environmental factors that affect human health, and also of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, program management and management of hospitals, school health and international health and nutrition, mental health and others. Each of which contributes to the development and promotion of public health of communities through programs of preventive and curative different.