About the Emergency Department


Inaugurated by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Fahad Abdulaziz, King Abdulaziz University Hospital began its operation in the late 1396H. During His reign, the Hospital has a total capacity of 200 beds.
Since that day, once a dream of establishing a new medical center became a reality on 1416H and was then officially inaugurated by His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah Abdulaziz on 1417 / 07/ 08H.
This huge achievement will not happen without the continued support of our government and overwhelming dedication of the Honorable Directors of the university who have spared no effort in facilitating all the struggles to implement this project.
Currently, King Abdulaziz University Hospital its facilities and now has 845 beds with the addition of 157 beds dedicated for the critical care units, and general and specialized clinics that exceeds two hundred clinics. With consistent generosity and support, King Abdulaziz University Hospital is now - God Willing - at its full capacity of 1002 beds.

God Grants Success