About the Department Faculty of Medicine


Internal Medicine Department was established in 1397 AH - in 1977, and included Section of Pediatric limited number of household and invited to bring in some hospitals and the Ministry of Health, and in 1398 H - 1988 Take the Department of Pediatrics and became a stand-alone section, and in 1399 - in 1979 the transfer to the Department of Internal Medicine Nbrh current and became an independent unit of 36 beds have risen to 65 beds in 1410 AH - in 1990, and even allow the Section to sustain itself to meet the growing school sought the help of the Ministry of Health hospitals Hospital King Khalid National Guard. The section is currently fitted with the current at the university hospital: the number of 56 beds for men and the number of 62 beds for women in addition to a day care about 25 beds to treat patients with cancers and blood diseases and 12 beds for dialysis unit and a unit to binoculars, and Section includes other disciplines minutes based on service to the sick and the achievement of the objectives of medical education and training - namely: Skin diseases and reproductive health, infertility, neurological diseases, mental illness, respiratory diseases, cancers, heart disease, digestive and liver diseases, kidney diseases, arthritis, immune diseases, infectious diseases, endocrine system. The division also trained doctors and doctors in the scope of the fellowship programs Arab, British and Saudi Board.