About the Department of Hematology


The department of blood diseases is one of the oldest departments in the university hospital. It has been established since the establishment of the university hospital and was administratively part of the department of diseases science until it became a separate clinical department in 1402 AH, since blood diseases cover clinical diseases and laboratory tests. All the aforementioned make this department unique as it provides education and patient care as well as scientific research on both clinical and laboratory levels. The department currently includes a selection of best doctors specialized in blood diseases who have formed an impressive work system in the educational process as the blood diseases science is one of the widest sciences in the quantity of information, making most blood diseases understandable to the detail. Creating new specializations in blood diseases science such as blood transfusion, stroke medicine, blood-thinning medicine, hereditary anemia medicine, blood cancer diseases medicine and bone marrow transplant medicine; in addition to various disciplines in the diagnosis of various blood diseases using the most recent techniques such as flow cytometry, molecular biology and chromosomes analysis.