About the Department of Otorhinolaryngology


The ENT Department started its activity within the internal diseases department. It became an independent department in 1405 AH. It has an internal department of 35-beds for the treatment, as well as an external department for the outpatient clinics and a nursery. The department provides for the outpatient clinic patients specializing in fifteen clinics. In addition to the above the department prepares and submits clinical cases for the training of medicine students, doctors, doctors of excellence and graduate students within the Arab disciplines stemming of the Council of the Arab Medical Specializations The members of the faculty prepare as well researches in the field of specialization together with other academic departments. Furthermore, the department participates in the teaching of fifth and sixth year medicine students, doctors of excellence and graduate students aiming to provide training on the medical cases enabling diagnosis and treatment. Consequently the students acquire clinical skills and the ability to interpret pathological symptoms and laboratory tests to formulate the proper diagnosis.