About the Department of Radiology


The radiology department was established as part of the internal department at the establishment of this University. It was composed of only two rooms containing the X-ray machines. Then, non-Saudi consultant doctors were working in the department. Saudis began to join the department in 1980 AD. After that new equipment was added including an ultrasound machine. The Saudi competencies worked to expand the services of this department by adding new equipment to attract Saudi doctors. A CT scanner, a nuclear medicine machine, an interventional radiology machine, mammography machine and subsequently Saudi doctors were successively appointed. After this, the department strived on becoming independent which was achieved in 1993. Further on the department achieved qualitative expansions by adding machines to the various radiology disciplines, including diagnostic and therapeutic machinery namely radiation therapy and magnetic resonance imaging machinery with the most up-to-date technology, that includes computer treatment of medical results. Also Saudi doctors were recruited for this department, and since their joining to the department they initiated graduate studies in ray diagnostics. The first clinical postgraduate studies were established in this university, in the specialization of diagnostic radiology, a program has also been prepared for the radiology technicians, which resulted in the recognition of this department as a department for postgraduate studies, and for the Saudi Council of Medical Specializations. Radiology was also taught in the curriculum of the University of Medicine through summer lectures and seminars, students were enrolled to prepare for a PhD in radiology sciences from some universities, including the University of Alexandria.