About the Department of Physiology



This section was established in 1395 to teach physiology to students of the second and third years students of Medicine, the second year students of Dentistry, the second year students of medical technology and students of medical engineering.

After the opening of the Pharmacy University, and since the academic year 1423-1424 AH the department faculty members taught physiology science for the second year Pharmacy students. In addition to teaching the same science to students of the second year and third year of Parallel Medicine which started enrollment in the year 1423-1424 AH.

The department prepared a full program of graduate studies in physiology since 1419 that includes teaching graduate students and supervising their researches and theses.

Also, the department faculty members participated in the previous years in teaching students of the first part of the Irish surgeons’ fellowship, the degree of the Arab fellowship and the British obstetrics and gynecology.