ELectronic Learning Unit-Faculity Of Medicine

ELectronic Learning Unit-Faculity Of Medicine
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    The Unit was established based on the administrative decision number d /34/76559 in 28/5/1434 H to keep pace with the direction of King Abdul Aziz University to develop learning methods as well as the desire of the Faculty of Medicine to benefit from the expertise and competencies available to it.

    From a broad perspective, our goal in the unit is to achieve excellence in the learning of students not only in the university but also out, away from classroom.

    The unit is working towards achieving, consolidating and exercising the concept of academic electronic learning as a common educational policy using the latest e-learning systems and programs such as “blackboard”. This policy does not only mean presentation of pure educational material, but includes many of the interactive processes to attract the attention of students and motivate them towards what is presented and its importance. This will not only extend to the developments of student’s skills and readiness to learn, analyze and explore an idea and formulate a vision but also to assess and gives a judgment on a cause. Ultimately, the student will leave the university community with a high personal capacity for independence, critical and constructive thinking and a high commitment towards himself, others and his society. In this way, all the educational experiences of the students in the university are applied positively in their various life situation and in society, the wider community of higher education outcomes.

  • assignmentVision & Mission
    Vision :

    The e-learning unit at the College of Medicine aspires to be a local and regional reference in e-learning.

    Mission :

    The e-learning unit at the College of Medicine seeks to provide and develop the best electronic services and systems, so that they are of high quality in a safe and reliable environment, using the latest information technology and infrastructure, in order to achieve success in the educational and research process.

  • account_circleMessage of the head

    In the name of Allah, the Merciful ..

    Praise be to God who taught with the pen, taught man what he hadn’t known; and peace and blessings be on the teacher of mankind, and the raiser of humanity .. and on his family and companions ... .......... yet.

    I am very pleased to welcome the surfers of the College’s electronic page, on behalf of myself and the members of the Academic and Educational Development Unit.

    The members of the systems development unit are ultimately concerned about the students’ best interest and the successful progression of the educational learning methods. Therefore, the unit uses the latest technologies, systems and e-learning methods available in order to allow the educational process to reach the highest levels, and to ensure the continued leadership of the unit in the field of developing technological systems in a time full of challenges and aspirations, which necessitates the development of the faculty members and administrative staff in the college, and try to utilize the best methods that help them do their duties to the fullest.

    The Faculty of Medicine's Academic and Educational Development Unit seeks to develop the learning process by focusing on the development of the learning process through the implementation of programs and academic systems and electronic instruction that help the staff in the field of teaching and learning, and to design dynamic and interactive curricula easily and the management of the content of these courses in a flexible and simple manner in order to achieve the daily tasks of the educational process effectively, and activate the evaluation and follow-up of students electronically.

    The Unit is making a great effort to raise awareness and improve the quality of education for students of the Faculty of Medicine and stimulate scientific research and scientific activities involving faculty members and students.

  • filter_center_focusObjectives & Services
    Objectives :

    - Increase awareness about e-learning and its use to maximize the standard of education.

    - Develop faculty members ‘performance and improve the effectiveness of the educational process.

    - Make learning a smooth flexible process without any obstacles.

    - Developing teaching methods in the Faculty of Medicine and adopting modern technologies in order to provide outstanding academic education for its students.

    - Enhancing the educational efficiency of e-learning activities through questionnaires (assessment of the course - graduates - evaluating the performance of faculty members).

    - Activation of electronic systems to manage the educational process .

    Services :

    - Develop Faculty member’s skills of using the blackboard, through courses and workshops.

    - Monitor the Blackboard.

    - Providing technical support, expertise, and advice for faculty members and students around the "Blackboard.".

    - Increasing the effectiveness of communication between academics and students, and among academics themselves, and among students themselves.

  • filter_center_focusThe unit’s dutie

    1. Maximizing the benefit of using the Blackboard program in managing the course's educational content.

    2. Encouraging all scientific departments to upload the educational material of the course to the Blackboard.

    3 . Activating the students' access to the Blackboard program to facilitate learning and communication with faculty members.

    4 . Activate interactive learning through the Blackboard program.

    5 . Encouraging faculty members to coordinate with Exams and Assessment Unit to take advantage of the Blackboard program for the formative exams.

    6 . Coordination with the Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit to utilize the Blackboard for feedback assessment.

    7 . Prepare periodic reports necessary to assess the utilization of the program and identify the challenges and develop appropriate solutions.

    8 . Providing technical support for the program for all faculty departments.

  • format_line_spacingThe Administrative Structure of the Unit
  • contactsUnit Guide
    Name Role Extension Email
    Dr. Fayza Fawaz Al Fayez Vice Head 23468  Alfayez_ff@hotmail.co.uk
    Dr.Mohamed Abdel Baset Al-sani Vice President malsieni@kau.edu.sa
    Dr.Hind Abdullah Al-Najashi Member hindnajashi@gmail.com
    Dr. Nora Hatem Trabulsi Member otarabulsi@kau.edu.sa
    Dr. / Waada Rehab Reda Member dr.wadda.reda@gmail.com
    Dr. Ayman Abdullah Bukhari Member aabukhari2@kau.edu.sa
    Dr. / Arwa Osama Ba Deeb Member Abadeeb@kau.edu.sa
    Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Qader Qaddouri Member mgaddoury@kau.edu.sa
    Mrs. Reem Mohmmed Alghamdi Administrative Assistant 21069 rmaalgamdi3@kau.edu.sa
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    Name Role Extension Email
    Mrs. Reem Mohmmed Al Meshhen Administrative Assistant 21069 rmaalgamdi3@kau.edu.sa
    unit’s email med.aed@kau.edu.sa

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