The Faculty of Medicine at King Abdul Aziz University is committed to providing leading educational programs; fostering scientific research; and community engagement.


To be The Benchmark for Medical Academic Excellence in the Middle East.


Altruism, Accountability, Devotion, Cooperation, Ambition, Moderation


Faculty of medicine

Faculty of Medicine was Built At (1395 E - 1975) includes a number of sections and scientific people totaled 22 section Division.


Dean’s Message

PROF. Omar Ibrahim Mohammad Saadah

I am pleased and honored to welcome you to the Faculty of Medicine at King Abdulaziz University this college which was established in 1975.


University Hospital

The University Hospital was established in 1396 and was moved to the current location in 1416 and it is part of the faculty of medicine. The hospital has a capacity of over 1000 beds, 100 critical care beds, 23 operation rooms and 170 clinics.

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